Full Day Trip

Full day trips are a great way to spend an entire day on the water. Full day trips are typically 8 hours.  Equipment and lunch are included.

  • Full day boat (23 foot Parker): $850

  • Full day walk & wade: $600


Half Day Trip

Half day trips are about 4 hours of fishing. They are a great way to spend a morning or afternoon on the water. Equipment is included in a half day trip. 

  • Half day boat: $500

  • Half day walk & wade: $350


Add Yoga to your Trip

Yoga and fly fishing go hand in hand and are equally meditative. This is one of the many reasons why Kismet Outfitters is one of a kind. We offer yoga and fly fishing trips around the world, US and full day retreats.  We also can add yoga to your day as part of your fishing trip. Please inquire about your ideal trip and we can make it happen! 




our Schools

A one or two day school is a great way to get fully immersed in the art of fly fishing. They are ideal to get involved in fly fishing, brush off bad habits or learn a new fishery. Once leaving our school you can hit the water confidently with new tools and techniques at hand. In our schools you will learn the art of the fly cast, knot tying, reading the water, what fish eat and when, fish fighting and landing, wading technique, safety, conservation and so much more.  You will leave the day with your own book so you can refer back. 

Schools will be taught classroom style in the morning and out on the water in the afternoon. A two day school provides the angler with more time to be immersed in the sport. Both fresh and salt water curriculum can be covered in a two day school. There is a 4 person maximum to ensure quality learning and hands on experience. Special arrangements can be made for larger groups. You will leave the day with the knowledge and confidence to go fish on your own.  All equipment is included.

  • Two day school: $400 per person

  • One day school: $250 per persoN


Casting Lessons

Everyone can benefit from a casting lesson, no matter if you have been fishing you whole life or just started. Casting lessons are a great way to learn the basics of the fly cast, brush off the cobwebs or get rid of bad habits. With a better cast you can spend more time catching fish.

We offer one or two hour private lessons and also group lessons. All equipment is included.

  • 2 hour: $110

  • 1 hour: $60

  • Group lessons: $25 per person 

*There is a 3.75% credit card transaction fee.