Hosted Travel:

Fly fishing and adventure go hand in hand. Kismet Outfitters has a deep desire to see the world’s most pristine fisheries, beautiful cultures and amazing places through our hosted travel program.

One thing we do differently than any other outfitter is incorporate optional yoga into our itinerary. Yoga and fly fishing are very similar in many ways and whether it is before or after fishing Kismet Outfitters offers yoga retreat style classes. Whether you want to fish daybreak to dark or want to mix it up with specialized yoga classes we can make that happen. Abbie is a certified yoga instructor.  We can customize any trip to your groups interests, whether its cooking, photography, wine tasting, we can arrange to your satisfaction.

Our goal is the make travel as safe, easy and memorable as possible. We have made lifelong relationships with lodges across the world and country. Please do not hesitate to contact us about a specific destination you are interested in or any questions you may have. 

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Andros Island 

Andros Island Bonefish Club is nothing short of a magical place. It is located just 150 miles south of Miami and is the largest, yet least populated island in the Bahamas. The lodge offers direct access to some of the best saltwater sport fishing in all the world and more fishable flats than any area of the Caribbean. 

These waters are renowned for both the incomparable sheer numbers of bonefish-“tousands of dem”-in large schools averaging 3-5 pounds, as well as the great potential for trophy-size, double-digit bonefish. Andros has long been known as the home of the world’s largest bonefish.

Kismet Outfitters has known the guides at the Andros Island Bonefish Club for years. Abbie's dog is even named Rupert after the late owner of the lodge. Let us show you epic bonefish, along with great guides and staff. 

2018 Dates:

February 25th - 4th

March 19th - 25th




Ireland has world class atlantic salmon and sea run brown trout fishing. Kismet Outfitters works closely with the Delphi Lodge located in Connemara, Ireland. The lodge is a beautiful 1830s farmhouse with over 1000 private acres of fishing waters and hiking trails.  The lodge is known for its fabulous meals, guides and pristine private waters. The area is surrounded by picturesque Irish landscapes and quaint Irish towns.


Choose your own Adventure:

Kismet Outfitters has connections globally. Montana, Alaska, Mexico just to name a few.  If you have a specific trip in mind please contact us and we can plan your dream trip.